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Why Does The Ballpoint Pen Art Appeal To The Masses ?



Today I wanted to discuss the connection between the tools of the trade and the increasing popularity of the ballpoint pen art.

One reason ballpoint pen art is so close to my heart is because it`s accessibility to everyone.  In order to create a wonderful piece of art, one doesn’t need a very extensive workshop or spend a lot of money on the art supplies. With a basic ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper you can create a masterpiece.

Many still don’t accept ballpoint pen art as a serious art direction, however they are overlooking one important fact, it`s becoming increasingly popular at the incredibly fast rate. New artists are discovered every single day and their fan base grows by the minute. A drawing with a ballpoint pen is close to everyone because everyone held a pen in their hands at some point - be it at school, at work or on the plane, everyone used a pen to draw something on the paper.

This art direction is not for the select few as everyone can be a viewer and everyone can try their hand at becoming an artist.

I, as a professional artist, try to reveal the possibilities of the ballpoint pen art. I see it as an independent direction and not just the drawing technique. 


-Andrey Poletaev


Logic Behind Creation



During creation of the painting, artist transfers a volumetric image onto the two-dimensional plane and what we see on the canvas is an optical illusion. The more refined and diverse artist`s techniques, the more realistic optical deception becomes. To create volume and the sense of space, you are always in pursuit of tools to deceive the human eyesight. In every painting creator is looking for logical solutions as well as the most appropriate form that creates illusion.

I look for new ways, new tools and mechanisms to perfect my style. Unfortunately ballpoint pen stalls the process of search and experiment, however it allows the time to accept more thoughtful decisions. At the same time, keep in mind that absolute merger with the object can lead to inevitable rejection.

When drawing, I attempt to simplify certain elements of work while achieving the maximum results. Combining sophisticated methods with simplicity creates an illusion of a complex drawing. Certain techniques that I may find simple, could be difficult or impossible for someone else to achieve.

The more elegant and uncommon I work while still implementing the maximum quality, the more refined the results will be. With time and experiment I form various techniques, variety of elements that are implemented in my own style.