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Flight of Whimsy


I planned to create a series of works that resemble steampunk for quite some time. There were always these bits and pieces floating in my head. For years I jotted down the ideas in my notepad along with some sketches and drafts for possible future works. Sometimes these were complete drawings, other times just incomplete parts of something yet to be thought out.

Shortly after my exhibition in Chicago, I came down with flu.  I was sick and exhausted, sleeping in late, but one day I felt better, clearly the cold was going away, and I was excited to get back to work. As I reached for my notepad on the top shelf, I knocked down a coffee pot I set out on the table earlier.  I lost my balance and there went my notepad flying off the shelf, several of my drafts falling down like leaves, landing squarely in the middle of the spilled puddle. For a moment I felt cranky, not so much for the damaged drafts, but because I had to make a new pot of coffee and more importantly clean this mess up. I sat back down for a moment, looking at the chaos. I leaned in and there was this fish, another mechanical piece and some other drafts, all stuck together. Coffee saturated the drafts like concrete, binding them together into a unified perfect piece.  Normally I would`ve jumped to get the paper towels and cleanup, but some strange force kept me motionless, allowing this process to sink in. And there it was. What if I blended the whimsical with the steampunk? I scooped up another notepad, grabbed a pencil and started drafting this piece out while it was fresh in my head. I liked it, it seemed neat, whimsical and tale-like, very imaginative, “Flight of Whimsy” was born. There was just one problem, somebody still had to cleanup this mess and I was out of coffee…

Logic Behind Creation



During creation of the painting, artist transfers a volumetric image onto the two-dimensional plane and what we see on the canvas is an optical illusion. The more refined and diverse artist`s techniques, the more realistic optical deception becomes. To create volume and the sense of space, you are always in pursuit of tools to deceive the human eyesight. In every painting creator is looking for logical solutions as well as the most appropriate form that creates illusion.

I look for new ways, new tools and mechanisms to perfect my style. Unfortunately ballpoint pen stalls the process of search and experiment, however it allows the time to accept more thoughtful decisions. At the same time, keep in mind that absolute merger with the object can lead to inevitable rejection.

When drawing, I attempt to simplify certain elements of work while achieving the maximum results. Combining sophisticated methods with simplicity creates an illusion of a complex drawing. Certain techniques that I may find simple, could be difficult or impossible for someone else to achieve.

The more elegant and uncommon I work while still implementing the maximum quality, the more refined the results will be. With time and experiment I form various techniques, variety of elements that are implemented in my own style.


Cityscape In Ballpoint Pen

Cityscape In Ballpoint Pen



Today I will explain why I enjoy using a ballpoint pen and what attracts me to the cityscape. I can say with confidence that ballpoint pen is accessible to absolutely everyone.  This art direction is not for the select few, everyone can try their hand at drawing and everyone can be a viewer.

At the same time, ballpoint pen artistry can be difficult in execution and very unforgiving, one wrongful stroke and you may have to start all over. Artist must concentrate on the object in the picture to get a better, deeper insight. The drawing is the result of these contradictions where a startling contrast can be achieved using a ballpoint pen.

I enjoy drawing in modern cityscape because I see artistic as well as historical value in this style. Like the very old photograph of an old street displays it`s meaning, you look at it and you immediately know that nothing else needs to be added to the picture to tell the story.

The city itself is the true hero in my drawings, it offers its own unique rhythm of life, I only attempt to capture and preserve it. These images have their rightful place in time and space. They are nothing more than an attempt to seize the moment, to preserve on a paper the everlasting beauty surrounding us.

-Andrey Poletaev


The World At His Fingertips - By Ronald Bell


Essentially confined to his homeland of Eastern Ukraine, no thanks to powers-that-be battling powers-that-wish-to-be, Andrey Poletaev can luckily travel vast distances without ever having to leave his home. Ballpoint pen in hand he can set off in any direction, as he pleases. No passport. No security checkpoints. No borders. Call it the luck of The Draw. The ability to use art as an escape to lands known-or-unknown proves how drawing skills and "vision" are a magic combination. No formal art education or diploma necessary. Imagination plays a part for many artists, but Poletaev's travels are decidedly more terrestrial. He could be logging frequent flyer mileage. And if his visual documentations thus far don't merit a "diploma", he can simply draw one. 

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