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Cityscape In Ballpoint Pen

Cityscape In Ballpoint Pen



Today I will explain why I enjoy using a ballpoint pen and what attracts me to the cityscape. I can say with confidence that ballpoint pen is accessible to absolutely everyone.  This art direction is not for the select few, everyone can try their hand at drawing and everyone can be a viewer.

At the same time, ballpoint pen artistry can be difficult in execution and very unforgiving, one wrongful stroke and you may have to start all over. Artist must concentrate on the object in the picture to get a better, deeper insight. The drawing is the result of these contradictions where a startling contrast can be achieved using a ballpoint pen.

I enjoy drawing in modern cityscape because I see artistic as well as historical value in this style. Like the very old photograph of an old street displays it`s meaning, you look at it and you immediately know that nothing else needs to be added to the picture to tell the story.

The city itself is the true hero in my drawings, it offers its own unique rhythm of life, I only attempt to capture and preserve it. These images have their rightful place in time and space. They are nothing more than an attempt to seize the moment, to preserve on a paper the everlasting beauty surrounding us.

-Andrey Poletaev