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Magnificent Mile

Logic Behind Creation



During creation of the painting, artist transfers a volumetric image onto the two-dimensional plane and what we see on the canvas is an optical illusion. The more refined and diverse artist`s techniques, the more realistic optical deception becomes. To create volume and the sense of space, you are always in pursuit of tools to deceive the human eyesight. In every painting creator is looking for logical solutions as well as the most appropriate form that creates illusion.

I look for new ways, new tools and mechanisms to perfect my style. Unfortunately ballpoint pen stalls the process of search and experiment, however it allows the time to accept more thoughtful decisions. At the same time, keep in mind that absolute merger with the object can lead to inevitable rejection.

When drawing, I attempt to simplify certain elements of work while achieving the maximum results. Combining sophisticated methods with simplicity creates an illusion of a complex drawing. Certain techniques that I may find simple, could be difficult or impossible for someone else to achieve.

The more elegant and uncommon I work while still implementing the maximum quality, the more refined the results will be. With time and experiment I form various techniques, variety of elements that are implemented in my own style.