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Why the ballpoint pen?



Today I will explain why I enjoy using a ballpoint pen and what attracts me to the cityscape. I can say with confidence that ballpoint pen art is accessible to everyone within the art movement. 

At the same time, ballpoint pen artistry can be difficult in execution and very unforgiving. 
Artist must concentrate on the object in the picture to get a better, deeper insight. 
But as we know the ultimate merger with the object can lead to its inevitable rejection. 
The drawing is the result of these contradictions where a startling contrast can be achieved using a ballpoint pen.

I enjoy drawing in modern cityscape because I see artistic as well as historical value in this style. Every city offers its own unique rhythm of life and I attempt to capture it. Images in my drawings have place in time and space. They are nothing more than an attempt to seize the moment; to preserve on a paper what we see around us on the daily basis.

- Andrey Poletaev