Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile

Basic ballpoint pen is one of the tools at everyone`s disposal and I can’t think of any person that never used a pen; we use it on the daily basis without giving it much thought.  Many will remember creating simple drawings and doodles while in class at school or perhaps on the train, but never really thought of the potential and the conceptual meaning of those simplistic ballpen drawings we created. Before we knew it, simple ballpoint pen drawings turned into true works of art, capturing the hearts of many all around the globe and the direction of Ballpoint Pen Art was born. We all played a part in growth of this movement, allowing those who are truly skilled to shine and share their vision with the world.

A modern and independent direction of Ballpoint Pen Art has truly taken internet by storm; it thrives and evolves claiming its rightful place as a worthy contender. Andrey Poletaev, is one of the founders and a visionary in the direction of Ballpoint Pen Art. His love for cityscapes quickly set the tone in the area of Urban Landscapes. Unparalleled excellence and attention to detail, this as the artist himself defines “is the definition and a stamp of exclusivity”. Rapidly, Poletaev Art has undoubtedly became its own brand in the direction of Ballpoint Pen Art, one glance at his work and you immediately know that’s a “Poletaev”!

In some of his works Poletaev concentrates all of his attention on personally invented techniques mastered over the years showcasing true artistry of cross hatching, density and angles of the ink. In others he skillfully conceals the technical aspects of the composition and allows impressions and emotions come forth, encouraging the viewer to step inside the scene. The blend of complexity and simplicity of the scene is what sets this artist apart from everyone else.

What was once a childhood hobby, has grown into a never ending passion and dedication to the Urban theme. Poletaev worked in many different areas including oil, pencil, sculpture and other mediums, but drawing with a ballpoint pen is something that artist truly loves.

“In each drawing I refine techniques and embed new ones” Andrey Poletaev declared. “I try to achieve the maximum effect of optical illusion. I apply many different layers of ink; layers of very light and long strokes, applied densely to each other; layers applied at other angles of the hatch to create uniform grey surfaces; layers applied with higher pressure on the pen. Variable density of strokes and the length and angle at which they are applied, sharp and smudged, creates a perception of differently textured surfaces. Some areas of the drawing carry stronger or more defined contrast and contours, and multiple layers of ink create the perception of depth” adds Poletaev.

The work of Andrey Poletaev is becoming rapidly popular all around the world. Alexander Shegelsky, Director of Poletaev Art often travels with the work, attending the galleries and art events around the United States and sometimes Europe. Prepare to be amazed! I would start right here –