The world is full of beautiful places that take our breath away. I have been privileged to visit many such places and wanted to share as many of these memories as I could with the viewers.  I found myself at the sorts of crossroads. Do I continue with my traditional ballpoint pen art drawings that take up hundreds of hours and scores of ballpoint pens? Or, do I shift into a different direction of mixing various media, smaller size works and draw faster without losing quality? I was working on the commissioned drawing for a client and then it hit me, why not do both?!  Why should I give up the traditional works that I absolutely love creating when a series of miniature works size A4 can simply complement my main passion?

As a result, at the end of 2016 and early 2017 a relatively large series, 100+ miniature works, using mixed techniques was created. This was my solution to create something new without sacrificing the quality and not giving up work on complex cityscapes. Each drawing was based on ballpoint pen whereas in some areas like the background, I used a pencil to help accelerate part of the process. While I named the series mixed techniques, some of the drawings were created exclusively in ballpoint pen ink. Some of the miniatures have already been sold to private collections, others are going to galleries in the US and some will be exhibited in expos.

The drawing that started this series was Istanbul. Frequently visited Istanbul in the past, I fell in love with the culture or rather a mix of cultures present in this ancient city. East meet West some will say and with every step you take in Istanbul, you walk on history. This particular drawing was very special. I used to pass this very spot many times. I remember this street, the smell, the energy, the kiosk nearby where I used to shop for smokes, chatting with strangers, laughing and feeling right at home. All of these features and different subjects played their role to help the combination of works come together as one series. 

Personal attachments to some places as well as newly discovered treasures inspired me to create these drawings. Think of these as conceptual works; some of the ideas here will be reborn in the future pieces including other mediums such as oil on canvas or graphite. And no, the ballpoint pen cityscapes are not going away, in fact a few complex cityscapes have already been created and several are scheduled for 2017.

Some of the works are available at Bennett Galleries Nashville  if you're in town, stop by to check it out!